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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Definition of My Urban Survival

I have made several attempts when it comes to writing a blog. I go through phases that I will write everyday, we obviously know that for the sake of this being the first entry, it didn't go as planned. When its all said and done I think I have had about 6 different types of blogs over the years, which I guess is quite humorous. So this time I am going to save myself the disappointment and say I will not write in this blog everyday because there is no guarantee that it is going to happen. And sometimes I don't live the most thrilling day, which may not merit an entry to share.

So here is my plan with "My Urban Survival" blog:

1. I will write something to share roughly once a week, and if I write more than I guess my ass is covered.

2. All stories will be true and based on real true events.

3. I am an adventure seeker, for as long as I have been able to walk I have always found my fun in life in the wilderness. The stories I plan to share are from the woods.

4. Some stories I might change the name of a person, to protect them out of embarrassment or just to keep things from getting complicated (ex. names of past bosses, old friends, family members...)

5. Some stories will be from my past, and some that happened yesterday right here in the city of Albany.

I hope that you will follow my adventures in Urban Survival.